Popular FAQ’s

Because we are an industry leader in exterior home remodeling we get a lot of questions. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding windows, siding, or patios.

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Choosing the right contractor for your project is an important first step. Think about what kind of contractor you want to work with and find a qualified contractor that wants to work with you. Criteria you may find important: professional manner, listens and communicates well with you, understands what you want, has a plan to build your project, easy to get along with, these are some things that will help you have a good home improvement experience.

Choose a contractor that is State Licensed and Insured with the experience and resources to build the project you want at a fair price.

On a personal note; for 30 years I have enjoyed working with homeowners whom I like and trust on projects that were fun and interesting. So many folks have invited me into their homes and put their trust and confidence in me to build their projects, thank you all.

I appreciate your trust, confidence and kindness.


William Hale
General Contractor
Capital Improvement

Make sure your contractor is committed to your project. Communication is key make sure you can reach your contractor to stay informed during your project. A good contractor should return all calls on the same day or within 24 hours.

To protect your investment. The 2 biggest complaints in contracting are unfinished work and poor quality a good contractor will finish your project with quality results using best practices.

First use good judgement; is the price fair for the quality project that you want? Take time to meet with your contractor; ask questions and make sure he is listening and understands what you want. Make sure he is doing your project and not the project he wants to do. Don’t sacrifice quality, service and value to get a cheap price; it will cost more in the long run.

Not all contractors specialize in doing quality work.

Your contractor should be paid upon completion after everything is done according to the project plan and scope of work. A reasonable down payment is fair. Make sure you are happy with the project results, and if anything is left undone or needs attention it should be done prior to final payment.

This sometimes depends on the project; an ordinary project may require 10% – 30 % as an initial investment to order your project, special order materials may require a 50% initial investment to have products manufactured or custom fabricated for your project. Most good established contractors have financing options that make it easier to invest.

Does the budget serve the project? You are making a permanent change to your home and you want to make a good investment. Some contractors do cheap work and that’s what you get. Most good established contractors don’t do cheap work, and this is why. Homeowners are usually not happy with a cheap job. To ensure happiness a good contractor plans projects that enhance the; appearance, quality, comfort, value and efficiency of your home. Find a contractor who will help you make a good investment with long term value.

Well it does depend on your specific home/property however most of our window installations are completed in one day or less.

We have several partners that work with us to offer affordable financing on most renovation projects. Give us a call and let us work out the details, including getting you financed.

Yes, we sure do. We are located at 1501 Edwards Avenue Ste 8, Harahan, LA 70123. We welcome you to come by for a consultation any time however we can come to you. Our experienced staff will have samples and color pallets with them when they visit your home to help you better understand the many choices available to you.

That depends on the job. We ask our customers to please be home anytime one of our installation teams will be working in your home. This is not necessary on some occasions like some patio cover installations, siding or trim work.

Homeowners want a contractor that is properly licensed and insured, easy to reach, communicates well and has the resources and experience to build the project they want at a fair price. Personality and mutual respect go a long in having a good home improvement experience. Remember, and I say this all the time, we work for you. Tell us what you really want and we will do our best to provide it at a fair price. Are they established, how long, who they are, do they have references?