Capital Improvement Pavestones

Beautify your outdoor living spaces with an elegant collection of paving stone, retaining walls, patio pavers, and landscape edging. Our stone and concrete brick paving products transform landscapes into beautiful dreamscapes. Browse our slideshow for design ideas to enhance your outdoor living spaces with attractive and durable interlocking patio stones, driveway pavers, steps, retaining walls and pathway edging in concrete, brick, and stone.

Paving Stone

Paving Stone Capital ImprovementPaving stone allows you to maximize use of your outdoor space while giving you unlimited possibilities for design. Applications for paving stones are only limited by your imagination. Sidewalks, pool decks, and outdoor entertaining areas are only a few of the areas you can create or enhance with pavers. Since we offer a wide variety of colors and textures, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect match to enhance the beauty of your home or business.
We offer our pavers in concrete, stone, and brick form.

Retaining Walls and Freestanding Walls

Retaining Walls and Freestanding WallsRetaining walls and freestanding walls can enhance the design of your outdoor space while bringing out the beauty of nature. Use retaining walls to bring an accent to a flower bed or to show off natural slopes in terrain. Freestanding walls can be used to create edges on patios, surfaces in an outdoor kitchen, and more. Ideas for retaining walls and freestanding walls are endless. You can also choose from a variety of colors in concrete, stone, or brick to customize your retaining wall or freestanding wall.

Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers Capital ImprovementPatio paving stones are versatile enough to meet the needs of any outdoor space. Whether you’re building a patio or creating a stepping stone path, patio pavers are right for you. Offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, our patio pavers can easily enhance any outdoor space.

Landscape Edging

Landscape Edging Capital Improvement

Landscape edging offers the perfect finish to your outdoor dreamscape. Edgers can be used to add accents or to control the perimeter of your lawn. Concrete landscape edging is offered in a variety of shapes and colors, and can be installed in straight, linear, or serpentine patterns to fit the layout of any landscape.

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