Sunrooms in Westbank, Louisiana: Your Gateway to Luxury Living

Your home is a haven, a retreat of tranquility and comfort. Yet, imagine the opportunity to extend and elevate this space to new heights. That’s where Capital Improvement excels. Today, we proudly serve as your trusted partner on Westbank in Louisiana, delivering impeccably designed sunrooms and patio enclosures, meticulously customized to your unique tastes and lifestyle. 

Quality Building Products:

At Capital Improvement, we hold firm in our commitment to utilizing the finest available building materials. We procure our resources from leading industry suppliers, ensuring that every sunroom and enclosure we construct complies with the exacting building regulations of North America. Our unwavering confidence in our work is underscored by a manufacturer’s transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty, affording you the assurance and serenity you rightly deserve.

Crafted Walls for Comfort and Aesthetic Appeal:

Our sunrooms and patio enclosures are meticulously assembled with precision and artistry. The walls feature a robust framework of heavy-duty extruded aluminum, accompanied by panels ranging from 2″, 3″, to 4″, all housing an Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) foam core. Yet, our focus extends beyond durability to embrace aesthetics. You have the liberty to opt for a myriad of finishes, encompassing textured aluminum, stucco siding, cedar siding, or our exclusive Duratex panels, all thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the architectural nuances of your residence.

Limitless Personalization through Colors and Textures:

One-size-fits-all does not feature in our vocabulary. This is why we present an extensive palette of colors and textures. Configure your sunroom or patio enclosure to resonate with the style of your domicile and reflect your unique preferences. The horizons of personalization are virtually boundless.

Electrical Convenience at Your Disposal:

Should you aspire to infuse your new space with fans or illuminate it with ambient lighting, we’ve got you covered. Optional electrical conduits seamlessly integrated into the walls and ceiling make it a hassle-free endeavor to breathe life into your vision.

Roofing Excellence and Insulation:

Our sunrooms boast two distinguished roof styles: gable and studio. The solid roof structure is graced with insulated Laminated Roof Panels (LRP) featuring a distinct EPS foam core, bestowing exceptional insulation against the caprices of the elements. The thickness of the roof can be tailored to your preferences, while the inclusion of skylights and electrical conduits for ceiling fans and lighting can further enhance your space.

Window Selections Crafted for Your Distinct Needs:

Your sunroom’s identity remains incomplete without the ideal windows. Choose from a spectrum of options, including horizontal sliding glass, acrylic, pliant vinyl pane windows, or vertical 4-track vinyl pane windows. We provide excellent home window replacement here at Capital Improvement.. Our millennium window, distinguished by its tempered safety glass and user-friendly operation, stands as a testament to convenience and security.

Capital Improvement is your steadfast partner in augmenting your living space, heightening the worth of your abode, and creating an environment that complements your lifestyle. If you live in Westbank, Louisiana and are primed for a home improvement odyssey, reach out to us today at (504) 733-5722, and unlock the boundless potential of elevating your dwelling. Your vision of a dream sunroom or patio enclosure awaits.