Project info

“I would just like to thank your sales representative and his team for the professional and quality job they did on my new gutter installation.

To me, a gutter was just a gutter-seen one, seen ‘em all – – and so at first I was snickering to myself about how seriously your sales rep. was taking gutters because of all the information he was sharing with me; things such as the design and quality details of his gutter system, installation procedures, and options, and so much more. “I’m just buying gutters”, I thought to myself, “not a house”.

But your sales rep., despite my kidding him and even my crazy kids doing circles around him while we talked, maintained a professional composure and helped me to realize that I needed to be informed and thinking about what I was about to do; I shouldn’t just go making a significant purchase like this not knowing much about it or just using any company out there. He helped me understand that I needed to be informed. This is my CASTLE, after all!

Anyway, he turned out to be very knowledgeable and helpful with all the preliminary questions I had for hi-sharing with me useful information that I hadn’t thought about before. He also let me pick his brain on some other home improvements I had for him.

I liked the man and I liked his company. Before I knew it, his team was out there bright and early on the job installing my new gutters. I made a few special requests of his team while they were on the job and they were more than happy to oblige. And when I pestered them with questions as they were installing, they were friendly and helpful.

Everything went really smooth. The next time I turned to look, they were finished and gone! Not a mark on my lawn and no scrap or trash laying around!

Now check this out! A few days after the job was completed, I noticed some sharp metal burrs at the bottom end of the downspout and I was a little worried that my children would cut themselves if they accidentally rubbed against it while they played outside. A Capital Improvement team was dispatched immediately after I called them about it and they removed the burrs no problem.

Can’t ask for better service!”